Version 2023.12.0

Release notes – Carcare Development – Version 2023.12.0


In this we have re-worked the statistics section to get a more clear and detailed view of the data being processed through Carcare.

The filters have been moved from the cog-wheel out into the filter section, these filters will only apply to the page at hand as a counter to the filters under the cog-wheels which are global filters through-out Carcare. The reason behind this is that users did not find the filters where as we lifted them out more clearly.

An illustration and help text will now guide users to better understand what is presented. You can lock states and stations to see cars that must have visited those steps. If you do not lock a step the statistics will include cars that both have visited that step but also might not have visited that step. Read the help text to understand which cars are included in the selection. The pre-selected presented average number is incoming, pool and flow which means how long in average it takes for a cars to reach the showroom, this will also include cars that does not pass flow – for example wholesale cars.

The big blue number illustrating what you have selected is re-calculated. Instead of adding the different states together, each unique vehicle will now be added together to get an average of the selection made. This is an important distinction because now volume will be accounted for, which previously was not. Therefore this number will be now be lower than previously for most of our users. Please see the table below to see the difference of the calculation.

Overall and advertising tabs are also re-done to get a better insight in the numbers. Now you can expand each leadtime to see which underlying cars that are affecting the numbers, you can also sort them by clicking the leadtime heading. As of now you can only see finished cars under each respective leadtime, for example if you look at leadtime 1 that will only include advertised cars during the selected period and not the cars that are not yet advertised.


CD-2150 When exporting a list it should be possible to get the mapped seller name as a column

CD-2162 Add checkbox to Division Admin module settings where you can specify that you don’t want to remove unvisited stations

CD-2171 Add global user admin

CD-2305 Notify should display who sent the notification

CD-2359 Station filter in dynamic lists improvement

CD-2444 Enrich error message with division and link to car

CD-2540 Event Engine Admin Improvements

CD-2572 Change delivery duration (state 5) rules to be triggered statically up to 30 days

CD-2583 Missing role in new role selector

CD-2589 User admin subscriptions add max alerts to alerts component

CD-2615 Event engine strategy support


CD-1545 Set arrivalDate to todays date in state action

CD-2510 HasNoDelivery condition on rule

CD-2522 Multiple provider support

CD-2547 New statistics features

CD-2568 Same filters in delivery flow as in flow

CD-2575 Newest first in list in CCM

CD-2586 Weekly and monthly view on delivery calendar and testbooking calendar

CD-2590 Mark in the CCM list if the user made a bid on that car

CD-2599 Create export in xlsx also not just csv in regular lists, dynamic lists and delivery dashboard


CD-2400 Mobile – UI issue in the events configuration page

CD-2455 Issues in the Dashboard – Deliveries Tab

CD-2487 Selling seller is incorrectly displaying in the bid request expanded view

CD-2532 User Group : Able to search the existing group and assign for a user again

CD-2571 When disabling a user group, the roles that are saved get set to empty

CD-2587 Market connections on buyer side show their own name instead of seller name.

CD-2594 The parameters of the duration rule email subject are displaying incorrectly

CD-2628 Custom list manage – User search crashes if too many results

CD-2667 Custom select component should not truncate options


CD-2493 Translate market subject/title to receiving users language.

CD-2543 When adding a new rule, save “Show information in email” checked checkboxes in browser storage and autoload them next time a new rule is created.

CD-2545 Global user manage – event subscriptions

CD-2552 Add support to action/interaction itemRedirect to redirect to custom URL (or add new redirect action).

CD-2580 Manage vehicle button in lists should be a link

CD-2635 move arrivedAt date to moved vehicle on division change

CD-2675 Add import stuck detection for “stuck in importing”

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