Why Carcare?

Carcare reduces the number of inventory days and reduces your lead times

With Carcare, used cars are put in order faster – and sold faster. At the same time, you get full control of which cars are easily sold and difficult sold, which further increases the profitability of your second-hand deal.

Let us explain how Carcare works.

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Two years with Carcare; Together with the car dealers, we are going through a fantastic digital journey towards increased profitability in the Swedish car industry.

Swedish car dealers were looking for tools and processes to get better control of the stock of used cars. Better control would result in higher turnover rates, more efficient management of resources and thus lower inventory costs. Carcare grew out of the need.

Carcare was introduced two years ago. Since then we have done countless market analyzes and study visits at many of the country’s car dealers. The threshold for implementing a new system is high in many organizations.

Therefore, we initially understood that Carcare would need to be automated as far as possible. We have been working hard on this for the first few years.

Advanced technological innovations

After more than 7,000 hours of work with, among other things, advanced technical integrations, automated notifications and market scanning, Carcare has become a success. But this is not our success, it was created together with your car dealer.

The average storage time was 75 days for a used car in 2018. The storage cost was on average SEK 300 per day. This meant that the total inventory cost for a car dealer who sold 1000 cars during the year amounted to SEK 22.5 million.

Clear reduction of the number of storage days by up to 35%


Two years after the introduction of Carcare, hundreds of car plants are connected. With the help of Carcare as a tool, a good dialogue and good cooperation, we have jointly gained control over the stock of used cars. All Carcare affiliated car dealers reduced the number of warehouse days, some by as much as 25 percent.

Carcare is constantly evolving and development is currently going rocket. However, we are far from ready with the common digital journey we do with our customers. At Carcare we work tirelessly to develop and simplify the processes of car dealers with the ambition to increase profitability in the entire car industry.

We hope you find it exciting to follow - and be part of - the exciting journey. Do you have any ideas on how we can be even better? Tell them!

You are an equally important part of this as we are.

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