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New cars

Increase control and efficiency in your new car sales

  • Monitoring from ordered to delivered car
  • New opportunities for your cars in stock
  • Warning system notifies the right people

Arrival planning

Before the car arrives at the plant, there is a part that must be prepared for efficient handling of new cars. Carcare detects when the car is on its way home and ensures that accessories are ordered and workshop and recond are notified and delivery time and place are booked. All for smooth and quick handling once the car comes physically to the facility.

Delivery planning

The cars are always delivered at castle times that you decide, and these are booked by the seller. No double bookings or a lot of cars delivered at the end of the week. With delivery planning you get a structured and scheduled delivery, evenly throughout the week. You also get a good overview of upcoming deliveries. Deliveries are always booked well in advance when the car is imported to Sweden in order to efficiently deliver cars from the plant as quickly as possible.

Service schedules

Carcare automatically keeps track of what service measures need to be done on your trucks. Service schedules are set up according to the requirements your general agent has and make sure that they are followed. You always get an overview of which cars need certain measures and have a ready basis for any revision.

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