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Price and market surveillance

Follow competitors and estimated sales time on each car in stock

  • With Carcare, each car is monitored internally and towards the market
  • Opens up Europe as a market
  • Automatic identification of hard-selling cars


Your cars are valued based on your own ability and history to sell that type of car, combined with the prevailing market situation. This way, you can immediately identify hard-selling cars even before purchasing.

Automatically monitor competitors

All cars in your warehouse are constantly compared to competing vehicles online. If any of your cars are drowning in the competition you will be notified of this and then be able to take action.

Estimated sales time

On each car you have in stock you will be able to see estimated sales time. This helps you plan sales strategies such as marketing channels and advertising budget. Easy-to-sell cars do not need to be advertised as much as others. You will also have the opportunity to pay better for attractive cars and thus get a better gross margin.

Opens up Europe as a market

Carcare helps you automatically expose your hard-selling cars to the entire European market. If a car is identified as difficult to sell, we open the borders and see what the car is worth in Europe. You decide which criteria and cars you want to expose for export. The bids will come and you choose if you want to approve them – hard-selling cars will soon be a memory.

Dashboard for current analysis

With the help of our dashboard you can always see a current analysis of your stock. Turnover rate, average storage time etc. An easy way to see that your stock is fresh and profitability is good.

Statistics - key figures for management

In our statistics view you can follow important key figures over time. Turnover rate, stock size, pricing and profitability allow you to quickly see the trend in your car dealings. Since Carcare retrieves data from your DMS, the statistics are based on what you already do.

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