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Used cars

  • DMS coupling
  • Pre-planning
  • Design your own feeds (rental cars, vans, trading cars, leasing cars, etc.)
  • Monitoring of purchases and tests
  • Service market monitoring
  • Monitoring of sales & delivery
  • Parking place monitoring
  • Bottleneck warnings
  • Statistics

299 EUR / month and dealership

Start-up cost per establishment: €750 DMS connection: €129 per DMS

New cars

  • DMS coupling
  • Pre-planning for the arrival of the car
  • Service schedule + protocol
  • Supply planning
  • Monitoring of reception
  • Monitoring of warehouse, hall and demo cars
  • Monitoring of sales
  • Statistics

299 EUR / month and dealership

Start-up cost per establishment: €750 DMS connection: €129 per DMS

Price and market surveillance

  • Purchase analysis
  • Statistics with key figures
  • Dashboard
  • Competitive analysis
  • Market monitoring
  • Identification of hard-selling cars

€199 / month and dealership

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get.

How do we start?

We book a start-up meeting where we go through your process management in your car dealership. Then we set up Carcare according to your process. When you go live then we start with the cars that are bought on the live day. We are often outside and are with you on the live day and inform. This makes the start-up experience as smooth and positive. Neither the seller nor the service market need to be involved before the live day, but simply get information on the day you go live.

How high is the threshold to get started?

Since Carcare is an automated process tool, the organization does not need to learn a new system. The automotive industry has enough systems and implementing systems always means a threshold. A great deal of focus has therefore been placed on automation and for Carcare to sense events and actions.

On live day we inform what Carcare is and that if any car needs action then the right person or department will be informed via email about that car. Both sales and service markets therefore experience the live day as surprisingly smooth.

How many must be involved in Carcare?

For our start-up meeting, we need to talk to a service marketing manager and a sales manager / sales manager. Affected persons or departments then when Carcare is live will be notified via email and need not learn Carcare.

Will we start seeing results right away?

Right from the start, Carcare will be able to streamline several parts of your process, such as standing time before service market and planning. Other challenges in your process such as lead time at an injury workshop do not solve Carcare directly but make visible through statistics to see which parts of your process work well and where you should put more focus.

If I have more questions?

Then we are happy to answer them.

Want to see everything Carcare can do?

Book a demo and we will go through everything in detail. If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them..