Used cars

Increase the turnover rate in your used car sales

  • Design own flows for your used commerce
  • Rules ensure that your flow is maintained
  • Data analysis and automation speed up your business


Lead time can often be avoided with good planning. At the inflow of replacement cars we usually know when the car comes in and a pre-test has often been done. Carcare helps you to ensure that these cars are booked in for possible. take action even before the car arrives at the facility. This way you avoid much of the lead time when the car comes in.

Get control and create a more efficient service market

All cars that need to be locked through the service market are automated and should bottlenecks occur, the right people will be warned. Your service market will get the right information on every used car in good time what needs to be addressed. You will reduce your lead times and avoid misunderstandings between the sales department and the service market.

Different flows for different car types

If you have a management that you think works well, Carcare can streamline that flow for you. No matter what your process looks like to handle used cars, Carcare learns your flow and streamlines it. You can even get different processes for different handling of trading cars, merchant cars, leasing cars, auction cars, export cars etc.

Find out immediately if a car stops

Each car’s flow is monitored and if anything deviates, the right person will be contacted to catch stopped cars. Since all cars are DMS-synchronized, you do not risk losing cars or the process stops.

Statistics - from the board down to the seller level

Statistics in our used module show every step from purchase to delivered car. Seller, booking time, service market different steps, time in the car hall are measured and presented to give you a quick overview of where you need to focus. You also have the opportunity to compare different time periods to see your development.

Want to see everything Carcare can do?

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