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  • With Carcare, each car is monitored internally and towards the market
  • Lowered lead times
  • Warning system notifies the right people

Why Carcare?

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Synced statistics against your internal system to see inventory cost per day and car.

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With Carcare, cars are put through the prep process faster. At the same time, you get full control of which cars are easily sold and difficult sold, which further increases the profitability of your car dealership.

You will save €62 500 a month.

750 000 in annual savings.

We’re confident you’ll be able to reduce your stock days by at least 5 days within the first year. Unlock to change the days saved.

Used cars

Carcare is an automated process tool that monitors your inventory of used cars. Carcare retrieves data from your DMS and automation means that you do not need to get into how the system works technically.

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New cars

Carcare for new cars helps you streamline the entire flow from order to customer delivery. Carcare retrieves data from your DMS and automates the process and ensures that it is done on time. The whole process is monitored so you don’t have to put in what to do when.

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Price and market surveillance

Carcare monitors all cars in your warehouse towards the market, ensures that they have the right number of images and are marketed in the right channels. Each car is identified as quick, normal, slow or difficult to sell. This way, you can focus on the cars that will otherwise gather many warehouse days.

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Real results

Carcare monitors over 200,000 cars anually and our customers have clearly reduced the number of warehouse days by up to 35%


"Nowadays we have full control from day one on where the vehicle is in the service chain as well as any possible measures that may be needed.

Peter Möllhagen, Berners


"With the help of Carcare we get a better look at the cars from start to finish. With the whole used flow in Carcare we miss nothing!"

Niklas Mårtensson, Berners


"Carcare is a perfect system, cloud-based, super-easy to get started with and exactly what you need."

Christoffer Bülow, Möller Bil

Two years after the introduction of Carcare, hundreds of car plants are connected. With the help of Carcare as a tool, a good dialogue and good cooperation, we have jointly gained control over the stock of used cars. All Carcare affiliated car dealers reduced the number of warehouse days, some by as much as 25 percent.

Carcare is constantly evolving and the trend is currently in rocket speed. However, we are far from ready with the common digital journey we do with our customers. At Carcare, we work tirelessly to develop and simplify the processes of car dealers with the ambition to increase profitability in the entire car industry.

Want to see everything Carcare can do? Look over our modules for used cars, new cars and market surveillance or book a demo and we will go over everything in detail. If you have any questions we will be happy to answer them.